Line Array Speaker Rental – Dallas Fort Worth

Line Array Speaker Package Rental in Dallas/Fort Worth TX

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Contact us today for line array speaker rentals.  We offer the DAS Audio Aero12a Line Array tops with Das Audio LX218CA double 18″ Subwoofers.  817-210-7957 for a quote or email

What is a line array?

the key to a line array speaker systems is that the array-able speakers face slightly different vertical angles, allowing them to consistently cover a greater depth of field than a single PA speaker can as well as couple with more power. The effect is that your gests experience similar sound whether they’re in the very back rows, the middle, or the front of the venue, providing the best overall audio experience for everyone in the venue both inside and out. If you’re working in larger spaces and need reasonably high SPLs (Sound Pressure Levels) and clarity, then renting a line array from Dallas Event Audio is a great option to consider.