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Dallas Event Audio is proud to offer the very best in PA speaker technology. It’s the perfect PA Speaker for corporate events, weddings, night clubs, Churches, and anywhere you need perfect audio. The PL-11 DML has a horizontal and vertical coverage of 165⁰, is feed-back resistant and generates near-zero amounts of odd-order harmonic artifacts and distortion. The net effect is superior intelligibility throughout a venue.

The Tectonic PL-11 Flat Panel speaker is the only choice for small, medium, and stadium sized venues where an equal audio experience for all seats across a very wide listening area is required.

The DML utilizes resonant mode acoustic physics to propagate very wide, diffuse audio energy into a given space. The DML’s diffuse output has a frequency response of ~ 90Hz to ~16kHz with no cross-over network that can introduce phase and time alignment issues or possible distortion. When pared with one of our BASSBOSS Subwoofers your guests will be blown away with how amazing this PA speaker setup sounds.  Call us today to book your next event using Tectonic Audio Labs Flat Panel Speakers. 817-210-7957.

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